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Here's the first lesson — try it free!

A good story cannot be denied. Like falling in love, it's irresistible. It touches your heart before it reaches your head. You're drawn in — whether you want to be or not. And you're not asking yourself, "Is it good?" or "Is it real?" You live it, you feel it, you become the characters. That's the kind of story you'll learn to write with Write Your Novel Now. The craft and techniques you'll learn are those used by all great writers.

Fine. But how does it work?

A Touch of Craft
Here's an example that will give you a feel for the most critical story ingredients of them all — the forces that will turn any idea into a dramatic story every time. Without them no story, no matter how beautifully written, can succeed.

Now, I can do this in a couple of ways. I could give you an idea, a definition, a concept. But then stories aren't ideas. They're not concepts or definitions. They're experience. So, rather than tell you how a story works, I'm going to show you—show you by giving you a little story to see how much of an experience I can cause you to have.

Here's the story:

An elderly woman comes home to find her pet Doberman choking and staggering around the kitchen. She puts him in the car, races to the vet, leaves him in the emergency room and drives home. When she walks into the house her phone starts ringing. She answers. It’s the vet and he says, “Get out of the house immediately, don’t ask any questions, just go. Now!” As she rushes out, a police car speeds up, two cops jump out and race into the house. A few minutes later they drag a man out of the house. The man was hiding in the closet and has two fingers missing. His fingers were what the vet found in the throat of the Doberman. The vet figured out there could be a burglar in the house and called the police.

Is it a story? Is it a good story? Could you get more out of it? How?

Take a few minutes and write how you could make it a better story — before reading on.